Osprey bird in watercolor

Biodiversity sketch – portrait watercolor of the Osprey Eagle

The Osprey or Sea Hawk bird of prey

Text and watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

The Osprey or fish hawk is a large raptor that can be found almost all over the world. It lives almost entirely on fish and is only found close to water ( Antarctica is the only place where the Osprey does not live – it lives in South America, but do not breed there ) 

The Osprey is a fishing specialist that can spot and grab fish with great accuracy. The Osprey can ( like the owls ) adjust its four toes so it can grab the slippery fish with two toes on each side. It can also close its nostrils and its feathers are oily and better adapted to being soaked in water than other birds of prey.

The Osprey is one of the birds that can be found all over the world, as far apart as Australia and South America

The osprey is 0.9–2.1 kg (2.0–4.6 lb) in weight and 50–66 cm (20–26 in) in length with a 127–180 cm (50–71 in) wingspan.

Osprey - a watercolor study sketch. Pure watercolor painting by Frits Ahlefeldt
The Osprey – Bird of prey. Watercolor study of head by Frits Ahlefeldt

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Osprey on Wikipedia

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