To know or be known – Nature vs Technology thoughts

Will your smart car let you go – or just re-route?

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, Logbook 16 Oct. 2018 – Today there are more than a billion cars in the world. Including trucks and buses the number is 1.015 billion now according to Wikipedia. The cars are getting smarter and smarter by the hour, interacting, not only with us, but also with each other and the digital clouds. And more and more they want to be our personal assistants – just like our fridges, washing machines, toothbrushes and all the other inter-connected gadgets and screens we surrounds ourselves with 24/7 from mobile phones to self-driving lawn movers
Hiker throwing car keys, car saying make a you turn? - Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
Breaking up with your car is hard to do
From cars to phones they all want to help us, get to know us and interact with us, to know us better… Hiking is different. Interacting with nature is just smarter, smarter beyond bits. The difference is maybe, more than anything, that when we interact with technology, it will get to know us better, when we interact with nature, we will get to know ourselves better.

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