Chickens instead of cars – walkable city ideas

Logbook 10. August 2018 – Sketching up design ideas for a walkable city

Chicken home on a parking spot idea

Text, idea and concept sketch by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Today I have been working with ideas to create more walkable cities and here is one of them – using parking spaces for urban farming. With ideas I seldom know how they turn out when I start out. I just wonder about if something might work and start to sketch up how it could look. Here I wondered if people would use public transport and walk more, so we would need less cars. Then how could the parking spaces be used in new ways – A chicken home is one of the less ordinary ones I came up with:

Drawing of a chicken home on a parking spot, illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
Idea for chickens instead of cars, if we walk more, then maybe we can use those parking spots for something else… chickens is one of the far out things I had to sketch up, when I thought of it

Sustainability in a city with less cars, could it look like a chicken home?

City dwellers could feed the chicken with some of the things that otherwise just go to waste, instead this chicken home would magically transform them into free eggs…

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