Introducing yourself on the trails sketch

How to say hello at the camp sketch

Hello I’m Gork story sketch

Sketch and text by Frits Ahlefeldt (

Hikers are often strangers to each other and in unknown terrain. Sketching up ideas that makes it easier to relate

Here is one of the first sketches – I wanted to show the importance of introducing yourself and  bringing something for the community. It is a good way to arrive, especially if, like this guy, you are a giant,  and it is almost getting dark.

Crazy thing about the name is that it was just a name I randomly made up, at least that is what my consciousness told me – then I googled Gork, just to check if I had by coincidence hit something in some language unknown to me… and then I realized that GORK is a very well-known acronym for “Good-Only-Really-Knows” – First I thought about changing it to something else – then I thought, maybe that is not too far off from how we often feel when we meet strangers on our paths…

Guy with firewood and wooden leg saying I'm Gork - bring wood

Hikers often find themselves in unknown terrain and with people they’ve never met. Good start is to be friendly – the rough illustration sketch

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