Hiking around Bornholm Coast trail

Hiking on Bornholm

Four days of tough walking on a small granite pebble out in the Baltic Sea

Photo of cave exit along the Bornholm Coast trail, photo by Frits Ahlefeldt
Coming out from cave along the Bornholm Coast path North side

Text and photo by Frits Ahlefeldt

I just came back from four days of hiking around Bornholm, a small Danish island out in the Baltic Sea. Bornholm Coast trail is a 71 miles / 120 km. hike along beaches, rocky paths, through rift valleys and a few caves, waterfalls and forests – great hike – all research for my website about hiking on Bornholm, called “around Bornholm”  ( Bornholm rundt in danish ) The website is slowly coming to live in both Danish and English here:


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