cheer day

Day at a cheerleader event

Text and ink drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

The hall was filled with excited girls all in glittering cheer clothes, with their club names on them. My daughter among them, smiling and concentrated, getting ready for the handful minutes when all they have worked on for a year should work as planned

It was a special day, parents, grandparents and others watching, cheering, clapping and watching the daring stunts, pyramids and timed combinations, while the music blasted through the large speakers. In the front a panel of no less than six different experts, careful evaluating and taking notes of what worked and what didn’t. It lasted the whole day, with new teams coming into the spotlight and getting ready every few minutes

I brought my sketch pad and here are a couple of sketches from a day

ink drawing from cheerleader event, drawing by frits Ahlefeldt
Live sketch from cheerleader event
kids getting medals at a cheerleader event
Recognizing and giving out the medals for taking part took more than an hour alone.

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