Illegal logging drawing

Logbook 15 Feb. 2018 – drawing about illegal logging

When cutting down the mother tree of life illustration

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Read about trees and timber today, it’s a sad story. An estimated more than half of the world’s use of timber come from illegal logging now, ( Wikipedia illegal logging ) and we humans are cutting down trees all around the world in ways that are anything but sustainable. But instead done for short-sighted profit in a burn and run kind of way

It is sad for the planet, for the locals, for the next generations, for our shared future and even for the profit hunters – Nobody gains in the long run, all looses…

The World tree

The Mother tree or World Tree ( Wikipedia World tree )  is the story of a huge tree, carefully ensuring the thrive of the people and land around it – The world tree is a creature known from stories and indigenous people around the world, even from modern films like Avatar ( wikipedia link )

Just did a drawing of the sad felling of a world tree:

Drawing of a tree with planet Earth cut down by greedy humans, while others watch in disbelieve
Nobody gains, in the long run, from the way illegal logging is destroying forests all over the planet today.




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