Nothing will work unless you do

Logbook 5. Jan. 2018 – Quote from Maya Angelou

Doing vs thinking about it quote

Drawing and logbook update by Frits Ahlefeldt,

It is what you do that makes all the difference – and to be able to do you need to take care of yourself – really like this quote from the American writer Maya Angelou  (1928 – 2014 ). I stumbled upon her name and this quote and through the day I just barely managed to get a tiny glimpse of her universe

Amazing Wanderer

Maya Angelou was an american woman living around the globe for more than fifty years, but mostly in USA, working as a writer, film maker, civil rights activist, journalist, song writer, metro driver, sex worker, dancer, poet, professor…. and much much more, in an open and honest way.

She was the mentor of Oprah Winfrey, friends with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and President Clinton and President Barack Obama and countless others. A woman who took chances and kept her eyes open as she wandered through life and never stopped exploring.

Read more about Maya Angelou on Wikipedia

Smiling here, whenever stocked on a path, any path, to me,  Maya Angelou is a great reminder of a simple truth: That nothing will work unless you do…


Hiking sitting at cross road and a quote: "nothing will work unless you do" by Maya Angelou
Nothing will work unless you do quote by May Angelou, (drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt)

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