Trail beneath the stars

Logbook 2. Jan. 2018 writing about the Camino de Santiago

Ancient Pilgrimage trail with a modern Comeback

Text and illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt,

The European pilgrimage and hiking trail Camino De Santiago – St. James way, as it is also called is one of the world’s most successful and large scale relaunch of an ancient pilgrimage trail. Today almost 300.000 hikers and pilgrims head out along this 780km. / 585 miles long path in Spain every year. It’s an old spiritual path that many use today to reconnect to something larger than themselves. But it is also an crowded place. I spend the day today researching this trail, a trail I hiked along myself for more than 3 months

One of the poetic things about this trail is that in the name and at night the trail follows the wide band of stars of the Milky way towards the west. It is a trail many spiritual people hike and many who needs to reconsider or adjust their understanding or direction in life… The camino de Santiago touch something in many people a bit out of the ordinary.

Read more about the Camino on World Trails, here: Camino de Santiago 

Hiker at night under stars looking like an arrow pointing the way. illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt
If walking at night the Camino de Santiago is said to follow the stars, Locally some even call it the Milky way, or the Milky way, the Camino

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