No place as Corcica

Logbook 28 December 2017 –  Working in the studio

Looking right is not always good

Text and watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

Looked at the watercolor in my published article again when it dawned at me. I had spelled the name wrong, there is no such place as Corcica, it’s Corsica. I just invented a new place… kind of, I got curious, or is there? Checked Instagram, I am not alone in writing Corcica: +800 images tagged #corcica on Instagram 

I am making mistakes all the time, no worries, I guess it is the difference between thinking and doing, it’s just to make it right and move on, knowing… I learned something 🙂 :

The wrong texted Gr. 20 Watercolor Corcica
After the change – Gr. 20 Corsica trail

The watercolor is around research on the Corsica Gr. 20 Trail on, see the final post here

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