Rest day thinking about constructing schools better

Logbook 14 Dec. 2017 – Half a rest day

Combining school construction with learning kids about it in new ways

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Home today with my daughter, giving her a break from the long 08-16 day in the school system, the kids in Denmark often face. We’ve been painting and cutting paper figures, just letting the short winter day pass by.  Spend the rest of the day and the evening finishing up the drawings from the last days on how to construct school buildings together with the kids

Did this drawing later to compare the two worlds of architectural construction and kids playing. One of the trends in modern school construction is to combine the world outside and the world inside the school much more,. opening the closed walls between the educational system and the construction work on the other side,  to make it more like open interactive membrane that can be used for teaching kids about how buildings are constructed, as it happens.

Drawing of a school construction site, with kids playing on the parkour like interactive wall and workers explaining the progress to them
One of the trends constructing better schools is to open up the barrier between schools and the construction site ,much more, to help kids understand and relate better to the changes of their place

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