Sketching how to build better schools together with experts

Logbook 13 December 2017

Sketching up concepts, understandings and ideas for building better schools live

I’ve been working with sketching live and creating visuals of  how schools can be build better, and how building them can become part of the what the kids learn about in new ways. Listening to and making drawings of how more than 30 experts see the best way to build schools in the future

Drawing live is intense and very interesting, working to catch as many as possible of the ideas, perspectives, understandings and concepts that fly through the air, often in many ways simultaneously.  I have worked with preparing and drawing as much as possible the last days here in Copenhagen

here is a quick snapshot from the work to find ways to build better schools:

Live drawings from Frits Ahlefeldt
Some of the drawings from the expert workshop about how to build better schools

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