Strolling Christmas Copenhagen

Logbook 9 December 2017

Walking in a Christmas decorated Copenhagen just before Christmas

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

The short Copenhagen street had been blocked from cars this Saturday, by putting up stacks of hay at the entrance, instead small tables had been put up and decorated with Christmas hearts, blinking stars and lots of options to taste things from cakes, to chocolate, hot Glügg wine, coffee and other specialties that the shops were selling. A lot of people had shown up to enjoy this small winter lit feel of the nearing Christmas. I walked with Freja, my eight year old daughter. She smiled a bit overwhelmed of all the lights and people. We slowly walked and looked at all the things, tasted a few more and sat down in one of the Cafe’s in a quiet corner, wondering about it all for a second

Great how we can change places, make events and get together. The occasions might change, but the chance to walk through a street where everybody is getting together, doing there best to join in and take part is something special. I’ve walked through a lot of empty places. And just for a second there, looking out on all the smiling faces, people looking at Christmas trees and drinking coffee together, I  thought about how much different they can be.

Drawing of Elmstreet in Copenhagen at Christmas event. By Frits Ahlefeldt
Places can change so much the days we go together to celebrate


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