Logbook 30 Nov. Understanding reality through movement

Logbook 30 November 2017

When we move our perspective change, when we stand still reality might move instead

Text and image by Frits Ahlefeldt

There are so many places to see reality from, so many perspectives on what is truth. When talking to a doctor a long time ago, he told me the human body was like a car, it needed fuel to move and it was important to change parts that didn’t work well. I must have looked a bit distant, because he kept explaining that my knees, worn from many hikes was just like the parts in a car

I have heard a lot of different ways of looking at what we and reality is. But one thing that most of them have in common, is that when people explain how the world is like a ship, a cup, a computer, a tree or an turtle, right there in their words, it is what the world is like. And it determines how we deal with reality to a large extend. Walking on I wonder,  how much of our metaphorical understandings we mistakenly take for reality. And how we live and act in a lot of ways determine how we see the world, more than the other way around and how in strange ways we can deepen our understandings by letting our minds move beyond our understandings.

Frits Ahlefeldt, walking on road, photo
Walking along fast driving cars on my way home, it takes around an hour to walk, and helps me clear my head

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