Walking on clouds

Wondering about how we might understand reality through our clouds today

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Reality is such a strange thing, It’s been a day with more bits than steps today, looking at ways to comprehend clouds for hours. Seeing how these fluffy things have been used through history, to talk about worlds beyond them. First as where strange winged beings would fly home at the end of the day, then at how modern digital reality is filled with digital cloud based computing, back-ups and management techniques. Apparently a lot of modern companies, media and organisations are moving in directions where more and more of our shared reality, social media, personal profiles and network updates will be stored, organised and shared according to rules in the clouds. In more than one way I wonder how much of our reality is something we imagine, like walking on clouds  and how much it is programmed cloud-based reality, downloaded and programmed to light up on your screen – like the words and images you are reading and watching right now, right here

Drawing of a guy jumping between digital clouds

I did post a story about it to by the way:

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