Coast thoughts

Logbook 28 November 2017

Writing an article about how to create better life and thrive along the coast

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

I love hiking coastal trails and research them went possible. A few days ago I went to a conference with my brushes, notebook and colors to write about and drawn up what coastal innovation can be and what the challenges, from climate change, to society and family change, coastal innovation can help us face: 

It’s been a long day writing today. Now it is late, a late and dark rainy November night. I am still in my gallery / studio looking out through the large window to the street, while listening to music and getting the last things done, before heading for my sleeping bag, still sleeping in it, yes 🙂

here is a link to the article on article: Coastal innovation 

Live Drawings – making drawn reportage journalism

Here is a collection of my drawings from the conference

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