Notes from YouTube course

Logbook 27 November 2017

Sketch notes from an afternoon learning about Youtube posting

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt

This evening I went to get a bit closer to posting video online, here are a few of my fast sketch notes: 

Arrived after dark, to learn about that daylight is the best and that most videos online last less than a minute, more likely 30 seconds and starts with a short introduction, and ends with a “call to action” – around 30 seconds is most likely how long you can make people (that are not closely related to you) watch your selfie-stick comments to cooking, life or how to pinch a tent. There is a lot more to it than this – And learning by doing and by watching other YouTubers is the way most go on YouTube – As any 10 year old celebrity YouTuber can testify… Here are a few of my drawn notes from today, Photos captured later from the live-sketches I did under the workshop, old brush style, and finished here later in the dim light from a candle:

Drawing of a man entering the Youtube Space
Posting videos online is not unheard of today, it is actually what many teenagers are more likely than not to dream about doing… for a living. Any older than that take courses in it instead. I was on one today…
Drawing of a guy walking past a cave, where people watch and laugh at him
Inside and outside the cave – Youtube is apparently a strange mixture of standing out and fitting in… while filming it all – Finding a balance
Drawing of a man mixing light, shadows and focus
Making and mixing light, shadows and focus, sounds and cuts in a well-done 30 seconds video takes a lot of skill, some spend almost 30 hours on getting those few seconds online.

And here are the finished drawings: 🙂

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