Four orangutan watercolors

Watercolors of orangutans

Watercolor paintings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Spent most of the day painting up four watercolors of orangutans. These the most solitary of the great apes, are critically endangered. The amount of orangutans on the planet is dropping with a very sadly and extreme fast pace. These very intelligent, caring and amazing creatures are dying out mostly because of habitat loss to deforestation, logging and palm oil plantations

The orangutans numbered more than 300.000 in the 1970’s, now in 2017 there are less than 100.000 orangutans left. And in less than ten years from now it looks like there will be less than 50.000. left of these great apes.

The orangutans mothers only get pregnant every around 8 year. And take very good care of their offspring, but because the orangutans reproduce so slowly, they are even more endangered.  And one of the best we can do is to stop cutting down their forests to turn them into cheap palm oil producing deserts

Here are my four orangutan watercolor studies from today:

Orangutan male front view. Watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
orangutan watercolour by Frits Ahlefeldt
Two orangutans relaxing
orangutan watercolor illustration by frits ahlefeldt
Two orangutans hugging
Orangutan male side view, watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

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