Umbrella hiking

Still from time to time I walk with an umbrella, today was one of those days

Text by Frits Ahlefeldt

It wasn’t really raining or it was, but in this coastal… “I would rather just be a  cloud passing by” kind of way. The humidity in the air was so high that hiking with a rain jacket would likely just get me soaked from the inside. The umbrella worked fine, despite the Scandinavian wind gusts

Frits Ahlefeldt, under an umbrella portrait
Hiking with an umbrella today

Today I was doing an eight hour research hike, checking out a trail, that run through a National park. It is the main trail and I have walked it a few times before. But of some reason the rangers have changed the trail, so I wanted to check up on the new parts.

Didn’t plan on the rain though. But it was one of the days where the umbrella worked fine. Sheltering me from the showers, letting me easily put it away in between them. So many different ways to shelter yourself from the rain. I tried to summarize some of them here: Rain gear for hiking

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