Maybe landscapes needs to breathe too

logbook 24 October 2017

A day researching and drawing up long distance trails

Text by Frits Ahlefeldt,

Worked today with a trail running along a coastline where the tide change the landscapes all the time. Seems like the landscapes needs to breathe too

Autumn is here, showers and strong winds hitting face on, darkness comes early and I have to walk to keep warm. Working with a trail running along the Wadden Sea Today, ( WaddenSeaTrail project ) The Wadden Sea coastal / wetland area has made The Netherlands famous,  much of the country is constructed as a dyke based reality in balance with ebb and flow – high and low tide.

Sitting with my watercolors to do a map of the trail I need to decide if I should describe the Wadden Sea trail at low or high tide, when I realize… in a strange way, it looks just like it’s breathing

Animation of the Flow of the tide along the Wadden sea on the Wadden Sea Trail, illustration in watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
The Wadden Sea landscape change with the tide-water

Some argue that breathing could be one of the things that are really hard not to do.  Others say breathing can be lifted into an artform, something that takes many years of daily practice and can change the way we experience reality.

Looking at the Wadden Sea – both could be true…

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