Day sketching up conflict strategies

Logbook 13 October 2017 – working with ways to understand conflicts

Jumping away – a conflict strategy

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Today I’ve been working with different conflict strategies in the studio – looking at how people cope with challenges, how they avoid them, face them or in other ways handle conflicts. Back to classic illustration style in these, after working with watercolors for around a month

Black and white drawing of a frog jumping
Frog strategy – jumping away from trouble

The frog – jumping

Animals use many of the same strategies as us, sometimes directly, other times in more metaphorical ways. The frog jumping away from threats, often into water, using its amphibian nature to get away, diving into unknown territory for species like cats and foxes… two other species that also have their special ways of dealing with conflicts

But some species, like certain birds ( storks among others) have specialized in dealing with the frog jumping strategy, so it is not always that successful.

Went home through town, as people all gathered in the center of Copenhagen for the yearly “culture night” event


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