Hiking.org sign is back

Logbook 12 Oct. 2017

I climbed up and put the Hiking.org sign back today

Text and photo by Frits Ahlefeldt

That sign has been going up and down a lot. Today I put it back up again. Hiking is back in focus – even though it is easier said than done. Surviving and making a living from working with hiking is something I have been dreaming about for I don’t know how many years now…

Hiking.org sign on my window in Copenhagen
Hiking.org is what I see when I look up

Haven’t made it yet… but getting the Hiking.org sign up so it is all over my view, was a small step in the right direction.

To me hiking is about so much more than walking, it is about thrive and about  a minimalism and about metaphors, paths, hikers and ways to connect to the planet.

Hiking.org is an ongoing story here, a passion that I sometimes slide down from, but I am back once again, to work on connecting trails, minds, thoughts and ideas around hiking.


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