Is technology going to save the planet – or make us forget about it?

Logbook 11 October 2017

Thoughts on future, tech kids and the environment

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Right now it seems to me that two competing theories battle, one saying inventing new technologies is the way to save our planet, the other theory says: “sorry, I was on the phone, did you mention a planet? “

Technology can be pretty scary, making us stop using our bodies, and instead break all the forecast for how much time it is possible to use in front of screens. More and more people are being treated for social media addiction today, and at social events you can’t get to the toilet because someone has been out there for an hour – liking cat videos.

Will our technology be able to save both us AND the planet?

Technology experts claim that in the near-future more and more of us will float carelessly between our self-driving cars and our smart-homes. Homes that will know us better than we know ourselves and take good care of us, while some kind of Über smart artificial intelligence, will send out enough drones to help endangered species survive – fetching us more pizza on the way back.

Others fear that we are about to ditch our planet in some dark alley, hoping the next generations of digital natives will somehow figure it all out… not really sure what to think.

Woman busy on her phone dragging a kid. Snapshot as they pass by a narrow alley with Earth in there somewhere
Wondering about what difference technology makes in our lives

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