European Eel Migration sketch

Logbook 10 October 2017

Drawing up ideas to visualize the ancient journey of the European Eel

By Frits Ahlefeldt

European eels was a mystery for centuries, nobody could figure out where they came from, they reached Europe as tiny eels and seemed to be able to live for more than 100 years before they again disappeared. Only recently has science been able to get closer to where they go, but we still can’t figure out what the tiny, tiny eel larvae eat or how to farm the eels from eggs – One of the things I did today was to sketch up the journey of the European Eel, from the Sargasso Sea, across the Atlantic to Europe, and back, where the eel dive deep down. Stop eating and go back to where it started

Stopping on a small cafe’ on my way home, lots of people in town tonight, buy a beer and open the laptop, will post just a single sketch from my work today. A sketch about biodiversity and about one of the most endangered fish species. The European Eel, a species we still don’t know much about, but it has been around for at least 10 million years, but are now considered critically endangered ( less than 10% of the amount in 1970’s )

The journey of the Eel has been sketched up in many ways, I like the one where a map of the world make up the background, so went for that.

Just one way of showing how amazing journeys species can make across the globe. A journey that can take the European Eel over 50 years 

Sketch of the journey of the European Eel. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt


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