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Hugging an old friend

Started my walk back to the old routine, working out every day

By Frits Ahlefeldt

Late evening, walked from work, in just under an hour, but made a detour, walking a bit longer. Heading for one of Copenhagen’s legendary free outdoor, work-out spots

It’s in a park, by the edge of the lakes, where thousands of runners pass by every day on their daily run along the 7.5 ish. km. path around the lakes that helps the central Copenhagen be such a nice place.

Just there is a small group of work-out fitness stations, under some old chestnut trees. One of them I just to hug every morning, becoming a treehugger, connecting to my weel-rooted tree-friend.

It’s been a while, about time, I thought. The tree was still there, it was like hugging an old friend

Frits Ahlefeldt, at an outdoor fitness station, in Copenhagen
Back at the outdoor work-out place – after a long break

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