Organizing projects

Logbook 5. October 2017

Day where I took some time to organize projects and ideas

Text and photo by Frits Ahlefeldt

Frits Ahlefeldt on Library
So much to learn, so little time

Part of being a one man band, is turning on the light in the studio as I arrive, and turning it off, when I leave, another part is to do my best to stay focused and define what to do each day

Some days are filled with ideas, concepts and thoughts about what it would be interesting to dive into – other days are more like long lonely hikes along all-ready defined trails, and other days I find my-self hopelessly lost, after taking the wrong turn some-where.

Today I spent some time redrawing the map and looking at a lot of different trails, ideas and thoughts, turning and moving them around to do my best to figure out where and how they would best fit in.

To me ideas are everywhere, but they are like tiny seeds – small seeds that can turn into anything and everything.

And to stay with the metaphor ideas needs at least one very important resources to grow… They need time, both time to mature, patience time, frustration time, time of attention, testing time, and not least the test of time.

Most ideas needs a lot of all these kinds of time to grow into something more substantial than rough drafts and daydreams, and as new ideas sprout up all the time, organizing them and deciding what to give more time to can be a tough choice. To my experience innovation is a lot more about persistence and understanding the direction of the ideas early, helping them grow – than it is about involving all kinds of people and getting all kinds of advice.

Strange, every time I see ideas get sprayed with well-meaning advice from back-seat drivers, outside consultants and experts, it most often seems to have to be the opposite effect of time on them. Slowing their growth and confusing them – Not really sure why it is so, wonder if that is what they call disruption?


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