Walking in Copenhagen

Entered Logbook notes today

Art and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Walking through Downtown Copenhagen, brushes and laptop, writing and painting. The new thing I start today are logbook notes here on FritsAhlefeldt.com – Just short notes about the day and what I’ve learned. 

Walking through the central part of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Used to sit here on the pedestrian streets a lot, drawing people in all kinds of weather. Good to be back along the old benches, I know so well.

Logbook sketch of guy walking through city
Walking through central Copenhagen

Drew up two different versions of three illustrations today, to explore the difference between watercolors and ink – something that have puzzled me for years, in short ink is faster and easier to re-use as prints, watercolors are more subtle and can go terrible wrong. Three new A3 watercolors and a day in the gallery and a new plan for the next month – Making a logbook is part of it.

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