Sketching journalism in watercolor

Visual journalism using watercolors

Watercolor and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Photo journalism has largely replaced illustrated journalism over the last fifty years, but could the hand-drawn images be on their way back? Maybe there is room for it now that digital photo-taking is busy exploring new terrain, merging with 3D and 360 degree views, Laser, infra-red, time-lapse, night-vision and other out of the ordinary photo-techniques – making room for journalists to experiment with other forms of visual content

Hand drawing reportage is not seen that often today – but I am experimenting with this kind of personal journalism. A visual storytelling that borders on graphic journalism on one side and on photo-journalism on the other, combining the personal with non-naturalistic and imagined space in sketchy ways.

Photos are seen as unique in documenting global and local events. But photos can have a shadow where not much can be seen – it can be limited in its ability to also show the emotional reality we humans experience under these events. Maybe other techniques can be used to supplement what is hard to catch with a camera?

Watercolor of a tropical storm hitting an area
Storm – Watercolor journalism – telling stories with images painted up with water and colors

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