Watercolor streetnotes from a quiet night

Brought my brushes to a cafe, to hang out with my colors and watercolors

Watercolors and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

Sitting at a cafe’ sketching up the street life while it slowly gets darker


Still warm, keep thinking it might be one of the last days it is warm, sitting outside, listening to voices of most I don’t understand.

A couple of police off-road motorbikes pass by slowly in the narrow street, most of the men look up as they pass by. It is quiet tonight here, people are laughing.

Watercolor streetsketch by Frits Ahlefeldt
Watercolor sketch of pregnant woman, Copenhagen

A pregnant girl comes out of the cafe’ and talk to her friend while they unlock their bikes, Talking about some social event, while they slowly walks down the street.

Skater, watercolor sketch by Frits Ahlefeldt


A guy on skateboard rolls past, just quick looking to the sides as he pass, the streets are better other places for skateboarding, but this is one of the places people hang out.

A short walk from here are the lakes, way more windy most at the time, but in here people can sit and play chess, outdoors.

watercolor sketch by Frits Ahlefeldt
Sailor looking tough guy with long beard

A few tough looking guys comes out from a room next doors, with long beards and cool attitudes, looking a bit like sailors, they hug before they leave on separtate paths.

Watercolor street sketch by Frits Ahlefeldt
Elderly tourist looking couple passing by

And elderly couple looking like tourists, with a day pack and grocery in their small plastic bag, they walk by looking like everything is very authentic.

By frits Ahlefeldt
Woman walking by, watercolor sketch

A woman slowly walks by, I can hear the footsteps, so few cars here, and the bikes when they are loaded with empty bottles, a bit further away the African bottle collectors often hang out.

Up in the air there is an helicopter circling, heard the police had borrowed one from the military to better keep an eye on what is happening.

Another police car pass by, it has been some rough evenings here the last few weeks, but from where I sit everything seems normal… life goes on and everything is open.

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