Emoticons – life for dummies?

From cave drawings to emoticons

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Ten thousand years ago we sketched up impressive drawings on cave walls, showing daily life, feelings and the highlights of culture and adventure… Flash forward to what sometimes seems to be top of the global peak of modern drawn communication – the emoticon – I am trying to figure out what distance we have covered, and in what direction – really fast

Drawing of collection of emoticons
Emoticons the essence of modern communication?

Sending a smiley, or one of the hundreds of other feeling – statement – icons available, is a quick way to react to anything from global politics, to environmental disasters, to weddings, to job promotions and successful investments, to new-born grand kids, anniversaries and expectations from loved ones not met, here and now.  Emoticons might be the most globally used answer to anything today.

Emoticons seems to be an acceptable and preferred answer to what-ever the media, your relationships, job or reality will throw in our direction – how did we end up here?

Wonder if the quick answer (everything needs to be quick today)  is that an emoticon is saying very, very little,  and not something we will be questioned, blamed, or sued for,  and much less risky than stating an opinion or speaking up… Emoticons are as harmless and polite as can be, designed to be the perfect quick tool for a reality for dummies, where we still feel like we participate/answer or react… somehow – and can swipe on, to the next conversation, in the ever ongoing cocktail party of modern online life.


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