Drawings from Danish Biodiversity Symposium 2017

Drawing life from the 2017 Biodiversity Symposium in Copenhagen

Drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

In the beginning of February more than 300 scientists and experts got together in Copenhagen to present, discuss and share new understandings on biodiversity.  I had a chance to cover this event and brought my brushes to what is the largest Danish Symposium on Biodiversity in 2017, to sketch up, for free, new understandings and knowledge of biodiversity and challenges to nature, wetlands, forests and other habitats 

Here are a selection of my drawings from the two days

Drawing of a 3D printer, printing out nature and biodiversity
Is the 4D biodiversity printer around the corner?
Drawing of a green eco plane loosing bolts
Finding ways to describe what the loss of biodiversity and species mean through the image of a plane loosing bolts
Drone flying with fish
New technology, drones, smartphones, cameras and solar panels are finding their way into conservation and biodiversity work
Man helping hedgehog in love to its mate
Sometimes endangered species can’t move across borders – we have to help them
Artist saying freeze to flying birds in a landscape painting
Biodiversity is ever changing, and not always in pretty ways
an expert with one eye and a network with many
Two perspectives on truth: the expert and the network
Drawing of a biodiversity theater
Biodiversity is storytelling in real time, throughout time
Drawing of a girl in the forest - researching mushrooms
Forests can be many other colors than green and science are starting to understand the amazing life and communication network of trees and fungus – called the Wood Wide Web
Drawing of a shopping trolley with nature, wildlife and biodiversity
How can we make the value of biodiversity more visible
Drawing of a group of citizen scientists
The joint, networked science of citizen scientists can sometimes create incredible results
Drawing of a man on a scale, with money on the other side
Putting a USD value on everything, seems to be the flavor of the times
Drawing of kids playing by a huge tree
Kids relating to nature, instead of Netflix
Drawing of a black soil field and a green alternative with stream
Optimizing for profit or for life…
Bird flying with price tag
Will price tags on biodiversity help the survival of endangered species and make their value visible in economics ?
wolf and cow looking at each other
Can animals regulate themselves – rewilding take conservation one step further
Wildlife cooking girl in kitchen making food
Is it possible to help biodiversity by relating to it through taste?

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