Cone solar power for hiking concept

Idea for adaption of ultra efficient solar power harvester for hikers

Sketch of a V3Solar power generator mounted on a backpack - drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Portable, direction independent Solar power for hikers idea sketch based on the V3Solar cone

The cone shaped rotating solar power panel by V3Solar has been around for a few years, at least as a working prototype, It should be around 20 times more efficient than the standard flat solar panels everybody use today. But looking at this cone shaped design, and it’s ability to work ultra-efficient AND independent of where the sun is coming from make me curious – could this design be adapted for portable use by hikers on the trails?

Why flat solar panels are not optimal for hiking

One of the biggest challenges hiking with a flat solar panel is that when the trail twist or turn, your flat solar panel will not be directed towards the sun and either work badly or not at all. Secondly, having a fragile solar panel hanging from or on the back or side of the backpack often make it hit rocks, thorns and bushes, when hiking along narrow trails.

The cone solar panel might work better for hiking

Would be great to see one of these solar power cones mounted on the top of a backpack, to experiment with if this design might work as a personal backpack mounted solar power generator for hikers… Just sketched up above how mounting a cone solar panel on top of a backpack might look kind of 🙂

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