Self driving wheel backpacks

Backpack with wheels innovation

Text and drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt,

The backpacks we use today are (almost) identical to the ones yesterday, just slightly better. Suitcases have in the same time gone through a revolution… Nobody carry those any more, the suitcase has evolved wheels, so now everybody push their suitcase instead. Could we see terrain going wheeled backpacks soon? Making the same innovation leap, and could it be that we don’t even have to push them the day after tomorrow? 

Walking with a dog is great, so great that a few tech companies have started to make digital dogs, that you don’t have to come home to, but can still take for a walk. These digital “dogs” might even show you new trails and get you safe home before the rain.

Combining this technology into something that can carry your luggage too won’t be a huge step, and sure someone will think about doing that soon.

Just sketched up a couple of drawing of how I imagine those things might look…

Concept for a self driving backpack
My rough idea sketch for a self driving backpack
illustration of a girl walking with a self-driving backpack
Girl hiking with a GPS guided self-driving backpack

Of course there could be unseen challenges in this, like you being delayed because your backpack got into a fight with a local lawn-mover robot…

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