Can technology set us free?

All those links to paradise for sale

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt

Woman running happy with a phone
Can technology set us free?

Can smartphones, apps and being connected to social media set us free? The software companies nod frantically and grin … “Hell yes”…

Can cars? “Yes” say all the huge car makers. Can a vacation? A  shopping trip, a new haircut, a house, or wife? image make-over?… plastic surgery? A self-development book, course, or guru?  A billion Dollar golden ticket to the lottery?… A Coca-Cola?

Apparently anything and everything can set us free anywhere and anytime… according to the commercials,  so why not a smartphone too?

Sad truth is the statistics of modern life and rich people, who can buy anything they care to buy, doesn’t really support that any of this will EVER set you free.

What actually might work is something much, much older and something no technology or product have yet mastered… things like connecting to nature, forgiveness, humor and love.

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