Catching up on my 10000 steps a day

Walking with that old baby jogger

By Frits Ahlefeldt

image of babyjogger with backpack
Maybe it doesn’t look that innovative, but hiking with a babyjogger works great in many places…

It has become like an old friend, I have walked more than a million steps with it just in the last few months. Using it for my backpack, now the kids are getting older, and to lighten the load on my back and knees, while still being able to walk my +10.000 steps each day easily, with a lot of stuff, changing clothes, laptop etc. 

Maybe this way of getting around town can look a bit weird, but it works great… still

The inspiration comes from my research of some long distance hikers that has walked around the world with a three wheeler more a less like the one I use.

One of them is Jean Beliveau… it took him a few years:

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