wheelchair for hiking research sketches

Ideas for getting out in nature and come along hiking for people who need to use a wheelchair

Research sketches by Frits Ahlefeldt, part of the Hiking.org Wheel-hiking research project

Hiking can sprout innovation in many ways, one of them is to find new ways to keep getting out in the landscapes and nature using innovative kinds of wheelchairs.

There are many types of terrain going wheel chairs, both electrical and non-electrical and here are research drawings of a few of those wheelchair types that could be interesting to look at when heading out on hiking trails:

Drawing of a bike like electrical wheelchair for trail use
The Boma7 electrical off-road vehicle

Link: MoltenRock.co.uk

Non electrical trail use wheelchairs
Examples of trail-use wheelchairs: the Black Carbon and the Hippo-Campo

Links to two non-electrical wheelchair like vehicles:

Black Carbon Wheelchair: CarbonBlackSystems.com

HippoCampo wheelchair: hippocampe.co.uk

Drawing of a electrical caterpillar vehicle
Der Ziesel – electrical, caterpillar sitting-vehicle, for off-road use

Link: DerZiesel.com

Drawing of a 4 wheel drive wheelchair
The terrain 4×4 Viking electrical wheelchair


One wheel wheelchair for the trails
The Joëllette one wheel wheelchair for hiking – electrical and non electrical versions

The Joëlette wheelchair link: Joeletteandco.com

Innovation of wheel-hiking vehicles

Hiking is in many ways sparking innovation, the above concepts for trail going wheelchairs is just one example, and there are many back-country trails where these wheelchairs would work fine, also this is a new way of using wheels out on the trails. On some sensitive soils it will not be a good idea, but on many park, forest and low-land trails, and on coastal trails these new wheel-based hiking vehicles can make hiking experiences much more accessible to  people who need some assistance to follow the trails.

Research drawings and text by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org

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