Homeless hikers

Hiking without a home to come back to

Drawing of a group of hikers
Hikers on trail that never ends

There is a small group of extreme hikers I sometimes come across. People that are not really homeless, not really drifters or hobos, tramps or nomads… even though the categories in this part of the hiking universe overlap, with categories changing depending on the perspective. Some people just decided to keep walking and never look back

I still have to research this group much more, as they could form one of the most varied and fastest growing group of walkers. A long, long time ago they probably used to be all of us… back when we where living in small clans, moving on foot together, from place to place.

Today a new generation of hikers of all ages and types have dropped a place to go back to. Their home are the trails.  Apparently on some of the most established long distance trails several of this hiker type spend their lives, just following trails.

One of the things that are different here is that some of them use technology to create a home, not in any GPS defined place, but online, in a different world, where they login, have their more or less clear defined job, and create digital content, stories, upload photos and come back almost every day.

Others have turned their back completely on technology and gone “off grid” to simplify an reconnect as much as possible to  the planet. Following ancient trails and relying on their hunting, gathering and outdoor skills and closely knitted group for survival.

These are just two of many of the hiker types, to be understood better, who hike on trails that never ends…

Ps. If, by chance, you know links to stories about these hikers, that could help to know them better, please send me a tip here: Contact

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, hiking.org



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