Can we rescue the cities simply by walking?

How come whenever the planet or thrive is challenged – cars seems to be a part of the problem?

Drawing of a city being strangled by car snake
Trails instead of roads would be a big change for the cities

When discussing biodiversity the roads block species from moving between their last remaining habitats and cars kill most of the ones who try to make it over.  When discussing city sprawl, cars make it possible, when discussing thrive in the cities cars have the opposite effect.  When discussing climate change, pollution, community feel, loneliness, thrive, stress, accidents, alcohol, lack of exercise, health problems… etc. Cars and driving is almost always part of the problem – and almost never part of the solution… could walking be an realistic alternative – I think we might be ready to switch from cars to just being us, walking combined with public transportation

A few years ago phones were plugged into the walls, computers where to heavy to drag around and internet was something that came out of a wire attached to the wall. Today all these things have become wireless, personal and portable. The cars are one of the things that have hardly changed for a hundred years. Could it be about time to make this change?

Could it be time to give up on having a ton heavy, wheeled comfort zone encapsulating us where ever we go. Instead, some argue, the most civilized cities are betting their future on public transportation, that make it possible to relax, enjoy the time while being moved from A to B and to combine it with walking in a much better way. With the whole journey easy coordinated by apps on the phones everybody carry now.

It would be much better for the cities, for nature, for the future and for us

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