Healing the fractured city with trails

Green corridors and trails in the large urban centers can help reconnect people

The segregated cities of the world are in trouble, people lose faith in anything but their own small spot and isolate themselves more and more, armored cars and fenced of roads can’t heal these places… but a system of small green plazas and foot trails can

The challenge of the segregated city

Drawing of an divided city
Reality of a fractured city

When out on the hiking trails people nod and smile when they met other hikers, in the cities they lower their heads, talk into their mobile phones and try to keep inside their locked cars as much as possible, when not home.

Technology have made it even easier to stay out of face to face contact with anything unwanted. But more and more huge cities like New York are starting, slowly, in a different direction, building green pedestrian trails and small green plazas that reconnect people, to nature, to the sky, to small coffee shops, to each other, street  artists and to caring in a pace where people can interact.  All through making safe passage on foot possible throughout the city in ways that is much more natural, stress relieving and healthy – both for the inhabitants, the environment and the city.

Connecting these trails both inside and outside the cities, to the landscapes and to the long distance hiking trails might do something very magical to our modern way of life.

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking.org


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