Gypsy Hiker

Hiking the Hippie Way

There are many different styles of hiking and types of hikers, one of the most classic is what might be called the Gypsy hiker. The easy going, peace – not competition loving type, more in family with the nomads of ancient times feeling more at home out on the trails than wanting to make it to the finishing point of the path . It’s one of the types that never gets the T-shirt, or up at five in the morning to walk as many miles as possible. Instead you will be more likely to find them hanging out late under the stars

Here is my sketch of a classic, peaceful and slow Gypsy hiker

drawing of a hippie snail with peace and love signs etc.
The Gypsy Hiker Snail sketch

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt


Hippie Hiker snail drawing – Free to download and use under CreativeCommons license BY-ND


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