Connecting Hiking trails and cities

Opening up the cities with green corridors

Illustration of a gated city
The cities can be much better connected to the hiking trails

Hiking trails today often starts and ends either at the bring of the cities or far away from them. These starting and end-points can be hard to get to for the city dwellers, that are often locked up behind a huge web of suburbs, highways and sprawl.
But maybe it will be possible soon to lead many more of the hiking trails into and through the big cities along green footpath corridors, that connect the hearts of the cities directly to the web of trails

Text and illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

The cities all over the world are becoming more and more green today.  Pedestrian areas and small plazas are coming alive and new ideas of urban gardening, local communities and health are finally turning the tide away from more cars and malls. Instead the cities are closing down factory  and production machine halls and opening up and making more of these spaces available to cultural experiments and for people to relax and enjoy life.

The next natural step will be for the urban centers to design and connect much more to the nature and landscapes around them, along green corridors.

One of the most successful large scale project that have succeeded in this is the Camino to Santiago. This old culture trail proudly connect the cities all the way from the Pyrenees to to the Pilgrimage city of Santiago along a line of cities, some of them huge, others small.

I think there are all kinds of good reason to make other trails connect to the city centers in the same way, it helps both the trails, the cities, thrive, sustainability and the understanding of the landscapes… for a new start


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