Invoice monster

Creature to be aware of in a modern world

Long gone are the Sable tigers and Woolly Rhinos, the Dinosaurs and even the Trolls… but other monsters are lurking in the dark of the mailbox. This one I have seen take the best of quite a few good, close people and families

Text and drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt,

drawing of a monster of invoices
The invoice monster

I sat with my brushes listening to the speech about what happens when hard times hit families, when the money gets tight and jobs are lost… my job was to draw up the things that happened and one of the things that happen first is the appearance of the invoice monsters.

Strange creatures, If you try to ignore them, they will prosper, if you feed them, they will leave you alone – for now, but they are always there, at least in this modern jungle.

Sat there thinking if there are no ways to get rid of them, and then I remembered some of the happy unworried people I have met on the trails and other places too. To me it seems like they often have one thing in common, something that apparently have made the monsters lose all interest in them.

They live simple lives,  walking instead of driving expensive cars, buying second-hand, or repairing their things, re-using stuff, getting up with the sun, putting wild or homegrown vegetables in their cooking… Enjoying their days and living where they like to be, so they can go on holiday around the corner, instead of around the planet, all very simple things. But when I think of it, they also know and do one other thing, like when facing a bear…  they newer run, invoice monsters are much faster than us…



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