Drawing in color of three girls and a bike

Billions of different people to draw, where to start?

Sitting on the streets, walking the city and looking at the amazing diversity of faces, postures, lives, way to dress and eyes with so many different looks – I sit with my sketch pad… in Copenhagen again. Sketching in the pedestrian streets as the ever running stream of people flow in all directions

By By Frits Ahlefeldt, FritsAhlefeldt.comDrawing in color of three girls and a bike

Three girls with a bike”You should go to San Francisco” a woman stop and say: ” people there are so diverse.  I have traveled all over the world… and that city is the best” she continue.

I will – some day, I hope, but have a long list of places I would love to go, just to sit and watch people.

Still sitting right here in Copenhagen, people come around here too, so for now I just stay, with my sketch pad… for a start, to catch just a very, very few of all these different expressions and styles, in ink and watercolor.

Drawing of two women, old and young

Young girl with a hat, old woman in the background

Drawing of an couple with street style

Rock Couple hanging out on the street

Drawing of a man with a dog, sketched from the streets

Man with his dog

Text and drawings By Frits Ahlefeldt, FritsAhlefeldt.com

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