Hiking as connecting with nature

Can nature hear us?

Drawing and text by Frits Ahlefeldt

More and more people spend their time far away from the open sky and the trails. Instead most of us stay indoor, watching the world through high definition screens, connecting and liking by means of touch… screens

Man sitting out in a forest asking nature if it can hear him
Hiker tuning into nature

But the scientists are starting to find that yes, if we start to communicate with nature… nature actually can. And this is really cutting edge, shocking science. Nature can actually hear us, and apparently want to relate to us in countless, but other ways, than the: “You food, Me Tarzan” communication style most of us practice most often in the nearest Super market.

So how to do it? How to connect and relate to nature, when it is now so far from our daily digital life that the current living human generation is fast becoming the most bio-illiterate generation of Homo Sapiens that have ever walked the Earth.

There are many ways to relate to nature, but one of the best is hiking because walking seems to connect us to and build on instincts, senses and cognitive abilities we all have, even though we keep them deep buried and forgotten in our stressed brains. But all these abilities can be re-activated.

And one of the things I hear and read from a lot of hikers is that no matter where we come from and what we have done with our life so far  – if we get out, start walking and reach out: Nature is ready for us… 24/7

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