Jean Béliveau – 11years walk around the world

Walking around the world without breaks

Link to Jean Béliveau (Canada)

The 57 years old Canadian long distance hiker Jean Béliveau returned in 2011, back to Canada and his wife after successfully walking 75.000 km. around the world. An amazing full time hike that took Jean Béliveau 11 years.

 Jean Beliveau, long distance hiker walking around the world
Watercolor sketch

The adventure started in year 2000, when Jean Béliveau frustrated and in his midlife-crises, at an age of 46, kissed his wife good-bye and strolled out of his Canadian home city, pushing his gear-loaded Chariot babyjogger in front of him.

Read the full story about on Jean Beliveau´s  expedition website: (World Wide Walk for Peace and Children)

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