Storm trees – walking note


Walking through different coastal landscape

By Frits Ahlefeldt

Sketch of fallen trees out to sea
Among fallen trees on the NorthCoast Trail

Early morning, sitting at a small fishing village, where I have stopped for a few minutes, to drink a cup of coffee and fill my water bottle before heading on along the NorthCoast trail leading to Hamlets old Town Elsingore (Helsingør in Denmark)

A few months ago here, there where a large storm and the following flood reached a few meters up and the huge waves washed away the more than 100 years old Coastal path in a few hours.

Here, months afterwards, new small sprouts are starting to appear and even though much of the coastal line has changed it is also looking much wilder and in some ways the new cliffs and the fallen trees put a whole new layer on the walking experience.

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