Too Cool For School?


The Importance of learning the basics – and the necessary 10.000 hours of practice

Boy that wants to write To Cool for School, but spell: to Gool For Schol
The importance of learning the basics

For a while I’ve heard that talent, luck or great ideas are the most important, and I’ve listened to stories about how the IT billionaires all dropped out  of school, how education didn’t matter, the talent and unique concept made it a walk in the park

But when you study the stories more closely you learn that even drop-outs that made it big, had to work hard for years and years… in a garage (Steve Jobs) or in lousy night clubs seven days a week… ( the Beatles) to master the basics.

Or as Malcolm Gladwell put it in his book Outliers; You have to put your 10.000 hours of training into getting on top of any craft, sport, art or trade, before you can really start to shine:





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