Drawing in Copenhagen on an autumn day

Headed down one of the more exotic and multicultural areas in Copenhagen to do a few sketches.

Drawing from Blaagardsgade, Copenhagen

Cityscape, Norrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This part of the city is called Norrebro, and is maybe the most diverse part of Copenhagen, where grandmothers, gangsters, hipsters, students, designers and artists mingle with bums, blond girls, homeless people and tourists on and around the small coffee shops, vegetable stands and plazas.

Here are a few characters from a sunny autumn day on a bench:

Drawing of asian girl

Asian girl

man drawing

Man passing by

drawing of scandinavian girl

Blond girl

drawing of man with a west

Man with a cab

All drawings by Frits Ahlefeldt, HikingArtist.com

About Frits Ahlefeldt

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