Stone towers land art watercolor

Land art on the hiking trails

Once in a while on my hikes I pass by places created by the joint efforts of hikers in the middle of nowhere.

Places  where wanderers have taken time to put rounded stones on top of each other, to make magical towers that stand as some fragile strange towns at the mercy of the wind. Made by nameless people, before they moved on, never to come back

Watercolor of stones put on top of each other
Magical land art on the trails, watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt

A few places like on the Camino de Santiago (Pilgrim trail in Spain) people keep putting up new towers and repair the ones already there, working for a few minutes or hours with the stones before they walk on

Great concept of anonymous land art that fits into nature and only live as long as people take time to continue the joint creation of the stone towers.

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