Weedy Sea Dragon moleskine sketch

Study of a Weedy Seadragon

(watercolor and pencil in Moleskine notebook)

Weedy Seadragon Sketch
Watercolor sketches and notes about the Weedy Sea dragon

Some of the most stunning looking sea creatures I’ve seen pictures of are the Weedy Sea Dragons (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus).  Looking at images of them is the closest I get, but I really like these creatures.

Short facts are they get up to 46 cm. long (18 inches),  are most often seen alone or in pairs, live from small zoo plankton they suck into their toothless mouths and swim around in the waters around South Australia.

Strange also that it is the Sea Dragon Males that are responsible for childbearing. After mating, the males carry the up to 120 eggs in their tails for around a month. and then the miniature small Seadragons are born and start swimming around on their own.

Amazing animal…

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